{"en":"Renovación de la torre de enfriamiento","es":"Renovación de la torre de enfriamiento","ru":"Модернизация градирни","zh-cn":"冷却塔改造"}

From the 1980s to 1990s, global industry, especially heavy industry has been greatly developed, many large industrial cooling towers were built during this period, the design life of many cooling towers has been exhausted. Many main components such as the steel frame, the fan and drive system, motor,infill and drift eliminator have been damaged and cannot be repaired.
Our company strives to provide revamp services for the above types of cooling towers. Make the best use of the original pool and foundation, build a new cooling tower in the original place. Provide owners with the latest technology design, and save considerable civil engineering costs.

Proyecto 1:REFINERÍA DE JARTUM torre de enfriamiento revam

Proyecto 2: Renovación de la torre de enfriamiento de Nongken SugarIndustry Group  


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  • Contratación de proyectos
  • Ingeniería Y Construcción
  • Diseño de modelado 3D
  • Mejora del rendimiento térmico
  • Renovación de la torre de enfriamiento
  • Reforma del ahorro de energía
  • Prueba de rendimiento
  • Procesamiento de reducción de ruido